Welcome to Imagine Healthy Living!

What is Healthy Living?

Imagine Healthy Living is a compilation of decades of learning, growing, and striving to become healthy in a holistic, wholesome way.  More than just diet and exercise, living a fully healthy life includes nurturing heart, mind, body, and soul. Nutritious food, sustainable fitness, taking time for relaxation, healthy home and garden, and self-care: these are the heart of Imagine Healthy Living.  Whether you want to book a restorative massage, or learn a bit about healthy cooking, sustainable exercise, and hone your self-care, Imagine Healthy Living is here to help you on your journey to your most wonderful self.

Attain Holistic Health with Lisa

Lisa is a licensed massage therapist, experienced chef, and organic gardener.  She has practiced yoga and ran from childhood until a recent injury (learning hard lessons of what “sustainable exercise” means!). Lisa owned a restaurant and catering business, and taught at the elementary and college levels, having completed masters work in education. With a degree in Bio-chemistry for Healthcare, Lisa’s interest in pursuing a healthy life naturally led her to Port Townsend School of Massage, where she complete her certification program (focus on Swedish Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage modalities).

Lisa brings a wealth hard-won healthy knowledge to the table; through Imagine Healthy Living, she hopes to help you on your own self care journey.

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