Dear Partner, Today I Feel…

Curating our Relationships

Our relationships add immensely to our perception of well-being, so it’s important to curate them lovingly. A cornerstone of any relationship is communication, which, though we may know it intellectually, it may be difficult some days to fit even a leisurely chat into our hectic schedules. Or we may fall into a rut of discussing the more mundane daily tasks and chores, rather than delving ever deeper into our relationship.

We identify closely with our most intimate partner, who may be experiencing any number of things that can affect their mood, their feelings, and even their sense of connection in the relationship. And we may have things it would help to express as well. It’s a good idea to check in, and find out where each other is at periodically.

Relationship Jumpstart: Sentence-Starters

Here are some simple sentence starters to jumpstart your next conversation with your partner.

  • Something that made me feel good today:
  • Something that upset or disappointed me today:
  • Something that caused me anxiety today:
  • Something new I learned:
  • Something about myself I’m proud of today:
  • Something about you that I’m proud of today:
  • Something that happened today that I think you would want to know about:
  • One way you can help me feel at my best right now:
  • Something I hope happens before the day ends:
  • I am grateful that you are in my life today because:
  • I choose to love you today! (I just think that’s important to hear, not a question or sentence-starter… 🙂 )

Loving Language only takes a minute

Block off a chunk of time on the calendar, and sit down for a cozy meal with candlelight and soft music, and take turns going through each of the sentences. OR, take a minute during a break at your next meeting to send one of the sentences in a text. Who wouldn’t love to receive a surprise text saying why their partner is proud of them or grateful for them? A simple statement of love and affection can transform one’s day–and who better to share that gift with than one’s partner?! (Bonus: these statements can be used with anyone we are in any sort of relationship with!)

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